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Call: (845)440-6497

Mortgage Modifications

Missing a mortgage payment is stressful. Attorney Daniel R. Miller has the experience you need when you are trying to save your home from imminent foreclosure. Dan will take the time to make sure your modification application is professionally reviewed and submitted to your mortgage lender. Although you are not guaranteed a modification, this office can promise you that Dan will fight to get you the successful outcome you deserve. Let's try to STOP the foreclosure before it starts.


Being sued for foreclosure? If you were served with a foreclosure action you don't have any time to waste. Whether you are trying to save your house or just trying to avoid a judgment, this law firm is the right choice. Attorney Daniel R. Miller has the experience getting the results that you want.


In the market for a new home? Selling your house? Either way, Dan will work with your realtor to ensure that your real estate dreams come true.

If your buying a house  or if  you missed a mortgage payment, Dan can help.

Serving ALL your  Real Estate needs!

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